curators: Adam Galko, Renata Pacyna Andrzej Kosowski

autors: Adam Galko, Renata Pacyna Andrzej Kosowski autori: Filip Bielek, Anna Bujak, Lucia Čarnecká, Marcin Derda, Grażyna Jaskierska, Martin Hrvol, Šimon Chovan, Pavel Karous, Patrik Kovačovský, Andrzej Kosowski, Elżbieta Leszczyńska-Szlechcic, Wojtek Małek, Tomek Opania, Martin Piaček, Urszula Urbanik, Alexandra Smolková, Michal Staszczak

The international exhibition DYSTOPIAN MONUMENTS presents a selection of works by contemporary artists, mostly of the young and middle generation, from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, who respond to the theme of dystopia. The sculptural works, objects and installations can thus be viewed, for example, through stories about the near or distant future built from the remains, wastes of our civilization. We can also find in them certain flaws of contemporary society, conflicts, connections between man and nature, but also the possibilities of technological progress and its darker side in the form of suppressed humanity. The exhibition thus presents contemporary works as “silent” witnesses of the present day, or the monuments of society for the future.