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The collection of the Turiec Gallery was formed mainly in the 1980s. A substantial part of the collections are artifacts from the 20th century with exceptional transitions to the 19th and 21st century.
The members of the nationally oriented movement in the modern history of Visual Arts in Slovakia (G. Mallý, M. Benka, Žatec Duchajová-Švehlová) are represented in the collection, as well as realistic creators (J. Hanula, P. J. Kern).
A special place in the gallery collections belongs to the work of a native artist born in Martin, a prominent figure of the artistic boheme of the first half of the 20th century to M. Th. Mitrovsky.

The collector’s interest of the gallery was focused mainly on the founding personalities of the Slovak Art modernism, whose work and life were connected with Martin (J. Alexy, MA Bazovský, Ľ. Full, Z. Palugyai, AW-Kubinčan).

Special chapter of Turiec Gallery is the work of Mikuláš Galanda, represented in the collection of the Gallery in an outstanding manner (39 oil paintings, 382 drawings, 49 graphs)

The members of Generation 1909 (J. Mudroch, C. Majerník, V. Hložník, F. Kostka, E. Šimerová-Martinčeková) also belong to the personalities represented in the TG. The collection was significantly enriched with the selection of the members and sympathizers of the Mikuláš Galanda group with an accent on their works from the ´60s (A. Barčík, V. Kompánek, M. Pašték, R. Krivoš, P. Tóth, E. Púček, M. Laluha, M. Marček, I. Štubňa) as well as personalities whose life and work were connected or still are connected with Martin (F. Štefunko, V. Chmel, E. Makovický, L. Záborský, I. Šimko, D Šimko, O. Krýslová, M. Marček, I. Štubňa, L. Stašík, A. Cutek, O. Opršal, G. Matisová, F. Tanóczka, A. Štefunková-Szabó and others). The middle generation of the artists of the region is represented by the works of J. Danča, P. Matis, I. Riabič, P. Šaba, S. Troppa, P. Ďurík, I. Bílý, J. Skris, J. Mužil.

Mikuláš Galanda

* 4th May 1895, Turčianske Teplice – † 5th June 1938, Bratislava Painter, graphic artist and illustrator. He is one of the major pioneers and promoters of Modern Art in Slovakia. At the beginning of the 30´s Mikuláš Galanda and his friend, Ľudovít Fulla reached out to the public with the manifesto “Private sheets of Fulla and Galanda” in which: “They expressed the need to end up with the old, unconventional artistic methods and manners and demanded to break free the way through new means of expression and procedures that would correspond to the dynamic transformations that were characteristic for the life of people and the society of the 20th century. “

Miloš Alexander Bazovský

* 11 January 1899, Turany – † 15 December 1968, Trenčín
One of the most representative figures of the Slovak Painting and Graphics of the 20th Century. His inspiration was Folk Art. He created suggestive works of baladic poeticism. For his innovative artistic expression he belongs to the founders of Slovak modernism.

Martin Benka

* September 21, 1888, Kostolište – † June 28, 1971, Malacky
painter, graphic designer, illustrator, art teacher
Martin Benka did not deny the mood-creating function of a painting, he wanted to enrich it, revive it and even make it famous: it was about capturing the dramas and ballads, monumentality and gratitude of the Slovak mountainous nature brought to life by man. The birth of a typical Benka has its roots in a break up with the impressive arts. One of the basic functions of Benka’s work is its socio-humanistic nature. Philanthropism is the most significant feature: he always painted just the ordinary people, neither the lords nor gentlemen. Another function of Benka´s work is the ethics as a part of his humanism. He applied the classical ideal of unity of both – beautiful and moral. Resulting from his philosophy of life and art is the educational function of his work.
Through the educational aspect, Benka’s patriotism and humanism are being transformed, but he also cultivates to love all kinds of art.

Ľudovít Fulla

* February 27, 1902, Ružomberok – † 21 April 1980, Bratislava
painter, graphic designer, illustrator, stage designer and art teacher
The work of Ľudovíta Fulla represents folk, civil and sacral themes and still life. Between 1930 and 1932, he published together with M. Galanda their Private Letters, in which they present and enlighten the principles of modern painting and their own works to the Slovak public. He taught at the Arts and Crafts School (1929 – 39), Slovak Pedagogical School (1939 – 42) and Academy of Fine Arts (1949 – 52) in Bratislava. In the years 1930 – 40 he designed avant-garde scenography for the SND Slovak National Theater. In 1938 he was awarded with the Grand Prix for the painting “Song and Work”.

Milan Thomka Mitrovský

* 1st July 1875, Martin – † 30 October 1943, Martin
painter, writer
He studied at the college school in Banská Bystrica and Bratislava, where he graduated, from 1894 to 1896 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Professor Pirner), from 1896 to 1898 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (Prof. Hackl), from 1898 to 1901 he attended a study visit in Florence, Italy.
He first lived and worked in Vienna, then after the outbreak of the World War I. in Martin where he was a leading personality and organizer of artistic life,and where the club of writers “felibrov” (1914-1943) was formed.
His work was influenced by german painters and his friendship with the painter E. Zamrazil, but he also admirably copied the works of Italian classics like Botticelli, Raffaello.
The baseline of his work represents portraiture, figural compositions, free copies of old masters and also figural compositions based on classical literature. (Don Quijote, Hamlet, Faust). He occasionally painted landscapes and still life.

Fraňo Štefunko

* 4th August 1903, Dudváh-Vlčkovce – † April 6, 1974, Martin
sculptor, art teacher and editor