Current exhibition


MRB - Miloš Rai Bazovský / Miloš Kopták & Rai Escalé

30.1. - 25.3. 2020


MRB / Miloš Rai Bazovský is a series of paintings on canvas which capture the changing landscape as time passes. The inspiration for the artistic duo Miloš Kopták & Rai Escalé (Miroir Noir) lies in the drawings by the late Slovak modernist Miloš Alexander Bazovský (1899 – 1968). They were freely inspired by Bazovský’s drawings which reflected the gradually changing appearance of the landscape in the 1930s and the post-war land of 20th century Slovakia with its electrification and deforestation. MRB is the abbreviation used for the three artists M (Miloš), R (Rai), B (Bazovský) and is a reference to Bazovský’s signature, which he often gave as the abbreviation of his whole name, M.A.B. (Miloš Alexander Bazovský).

Curator: Ivana Moncoľová

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